Hernando County Walmarts to begin offering discount circumcisions


By Frank Fencil | frank.fencil@springhillcourier.com

SPRING HILL — If you’re tired of rollbacks, Hernando County Walmarts have a new cut you might enjoy.

The county’s three supercenters have been selected to take part in a market trial for simple medical procedures, including circumcision.

“Our a la carte offerings have proven a big hit with customers who want to get their tires changed, get a flu shot or do their taxes while shopping,” said Michael Weimer, Walmart’s assistant director of regional marketing. “We started looking at the data for this market, and ‘fore too long this started to be the next logical step in expanding our services.”

The services will be available to men and boys one week and older and the operation will be performed by the on-duty pharmacist using local anesthesia and deli-grade cutting tools, according to a Walmart news release. Stores will have several pharmacists on call each day to accommodate the large crowds expected to take advantage of the $12.88 pricepoint.

“We want this to be a ‘bris’ for customers,” said Weimer, who noted shoppers will begin seeing new, sanitary booths erected as soon as this week. “We’ll have plenty of associates on the clock and ready to help. The last thing we want is for there to be any flaps.”

The Hernando stores were chosen in large part because market research showed area shoppers were “price conscious to the point extreme impulsiveness,” Weimer said.

“We keep thinking up new services, and we keep finding customers who want to use them again and again and again,” Weimer said. “We never thought people would want to eat fast food in a grocery store, or hand over their payroll information to seasonal workers in a makeshift booth by the cigarette checkout or suffer the indignity of making eye contact with other shoppers as they have their hair styled in our salons. But here we are.”

Frank Fencil

Frank Fencil is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades' experience. He has uncovered government corruption, toppled dirty police forces and covered two foreign wars as an international correspondent. He chose to return to his native Spring Hill in hopes of giving his hometown the quality watchdog journalism it deserves.

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