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By Frank Fencil |

dogmeatThis dog meat article (Hernando County Animal Control taking requests for meat from dog-hoarder haul)
Q: I don’t know where or why this is even on Facebook or any other social media, it’s not even freaking close to being funny or anything there of. Your disgusting, nasty person for even thinking about putting this out or even associating yourself with anything like this. Your no better than the ones that actually kill these poor animals and you should be right along with the ones that are put down. Nobody cares for this at all. — Kathy

SHC: Not write about this? Did you expect us to look the other way as this meat went to waste?



shoneysBrooksville Reenactment (Confederate flag banned from Brooksville Raid; Shoney’s steps in as sponsor)
Q: And you wonder why no one pays you any attention. — Stokerusn

SHC: You emailed the wrong local news outlet. Try this link.



gay_flag_burningQuestion about your Timber Woods fire article (Gay flag burning goes awry, destroys Brooksville trailer park and kills 9)
Q: I find it curious that Bay News 9 hasn’t picked this up or any of the other news outlets in Central Florida. Can you provide any further proof this actually happened? Due to the post on Facebook, people are asking me, since I live in Central Florida, for more information.
Thanks for your time on this. — Tim

SHC: Did you not see the photo of the aftermath?



six_flags_shSix Flags article (Six Flags CEO: Nothing can stop us from coming to Spring Hill)
Q: what is your take on the local government debunking your article? Have your sources confirmed the legitimacy of the project? I am a local resident, but, also an entrepreneur who sees the tremendous merits of this happening in our burg. If you would be so kind as to respond to my email, that would be greatly appreciated. — Jeff

SHC: My take is that they’re on the payroll of some very powerful people with ties to other theme parks who want nothing more than to convince every potential season pass holder to think this is a hoax and not take advantage of the great coupons.



six_flags_shAbout the Six Flags being built in Spring Hill (Six Flags confirms plans for Spring Hill park to open in 2018)
Q: My question is is this true is this going to happen?
And is there any more proof of this that is going to happen? — Mad Mike

SHC: If you walk about a half mile into the woods at U.S. 19 and 50, preferably at night, you’ll see all the proof you need.



Spring Hills
Q: I am a small business owner in the area and would like to ask you a question or two. Would you mind giving me a call at your convenience? Thanks and talk to you soon — Carlton

SHC: I would mind, yes.



villageAir date (Gordon Ramsay says Village Pizza episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ equal parts disgusting, delicious)
When will the village pizza episode on kitchen nightmares air ?? — Shoegirl002

SHC: It’s on right now, quick, put it on now!



jnco_digsite????? (JNCO landfill unearthed at Six Flags construction site)
Q: I read your article on the JNCO Jeans being found in the landfill…AMAZING!!!…Were they all JNCO’s, and do you know what they did with the jeans?…Thanks!!! — Ros

SHC: There was nary a pair of Kikwear Phat Pants The construction workers took them home and lived in them like giant, denim time machines.



bird_lawAudubon Article (Audubon Society lawsuit forces Spring Hill residents to take down Christmas lights)
Q: I’m a reporter with the National Law Journal in Washington. I’m putting together a round-up of holiday-related legal stories from across the country, and came across your piece from earlier this month about the Audubon Society case. Do you know what court that lawsuit was filed in? I’ve been trying to track it down but haven’t had any luck so far. — Zoe

SHC: The local one with the Confederate flags. They can take our Christmas lights but the people of Hernando County will be goddammed if they’re going to give up their flags.



fancy_mainCan someone check the gun range at the Boy Scout camp on Cortez
Q: Is there some way someone can report on Police using the boy scout camp ground for target shooting? At various times throughout the week we hear shots coming from the boy scout camp on Cortez. I have heard through the grapevine that Police use it for target practice. If so, is this area open to anyone to be able to use as well? Is there any conflict with Police using this area that is set aside for the boy scouts? Hernando County has its own controlled shooting ranges on SR-19. Why are they not using that site which is controlled for gun safety. I would not think the scout camp has any range control personal on location.

So I am wondering if you can investigate this and report to all of Hernando county the right to go there and shoot. What are the rules needed by shooters if they wish to use this area? I personally do not see a problem, as long as anyone can use the range. It should be open……….. — Lacy

SHC: Did you see our article about the Boy Scouts killing all those people out there?



promoBikini contest (Quiz: Which Spring Hill bikini model are you?)
Q: I would like to know who gave you the right and permission to post this contest all over the net? It needs to be removed immediately legal action will be taken — Loretta

SHC: This is Obama’s America, lady.



promono subject (Quiz: Which Spring Hill bikini model are you?)
Q: I will be reporting you in the am to police for defamation of character and harassment if the quiz is not taking off if your site Thank you — Stephisparadise

SHC: What’d they say?



For real or for thrill
Q: ?????? — Janey

SHC: I do this for the money from that one tiny ad on the right rail.

Frank Fencil

Frank Fencil is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades' experience. He has uncovered government corruption, toppled dirty police forces and covered two foreign wars as an international correspondent. He chose to return to his native Spring Hill in hopes of giving his hometown the quality watchdog journalism it deserves.

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