Ever had sex in your car at Bayport? This dirty cop has it on tape!


By Frank Fencil | frank.fencil@springhillcourier.com

BAYPORT, Florida — A Weeki Wachee officer is facing hundreds of charges after police acting on a tip discovered thousands of hours of video of teenagers having sex at Bayport.

Lt. Gennaro Sasaki, 54, had installed several small cameras at strategic points around Bayport and for years collected videos of late-night trysts in cars, in pavilions and on observation decks, police said.

“This city’s planners built this park knowing that generations of teenagers would be coming here to make love in a safe, natural place where their parents couldn’t hear them,” police chief Paul Quayle said. “This is sacred ground for so many. It’s where many young couples conceived their children, and some of those children are now old enough to be making the same pilgrimage to this fertile soil.”

Sasaki’s attorney denied the claims and insisted his client is little more than a nature enthusiast who had installed the cameras in hopes of catching a glimpse of the bears, bobcats and rare birds often seen in the area.

Quayle said the police recovered more than 800 VHS tapes dating back to 1988 and that the thousands of hours of awkward teenage sex on them indicate Sasaki was anything but a birdwatcher.

“This community has a deep, long history of enjoying sex in this park, and Officer Sasaki betrayed that public trust in the worst way,” Quayle said.

Frank Fencil

Frank Fencil is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades' experience. He has uncovered government corruption, toppled dirty police forces and covered two foreign wars as an international correspondent. He chose to return to his native Spring Hill in hopes of giving his hometown the quality watchdog journalism it deserves.

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