Letters to the Editor


The Spring Hill Courier is no stranger to the longstanding journalistic tradition of accepting and publishing letters to the editor. What follows is a sampling of mail we have received on various news events and ethical topics with our responses.

arbelojaymes2002: Why you saying six flags coming to six flags when the ceo name is wrong . Can u prove it that they coming coming

SHC: arbelojaymes2002, Six Flags is already in Six Flags and can only exist in a Six Flags.

Susan (RE: Six flags): Hernando county officials say “no” to this 20 year old rumor that keeps popping up

SHC: Sally, can you blame the local government for wanting to keep this secret and make it a big surprise for your 100th birthday in 2018? It’s going to be a big day for you, and you deserved it. It’s a shame your grandkids fixed your AOL and ruined this one for you.

Mary (RE: toll bridge??): Are you for sure????

Charging long time residents, which will not use either the bike trails or the dog parks!! Allowing new residents 1/2 price and out of townies are free?????????????

Have you got this info right or have the County Commissioners lost their minds????????

Out here off of Shoal Line Blvd., we pay higher tax rates than almost anywhere in the county, because we are on/near the water. Now the C.C. wants to punish old timers for living here???

You are all off your rockers!!!

My goodness man, stand up for the people. Show some backbone in these articles! Do you not have an opinion??

Do you even live in Hernando County?

SHC: Gary, there are many excellent mental health resources available in this county. We have responded with some contact information. Please reach out and get the help you need.

Daniel: the story about the porn at hernando schools and parks is a fake story. i hav ppl there and they dont believe a word of it. this is a sick ass joke and u need to take this down. is this how u get ur kicks, putting children schools and parks and mixing them with porn. you need to get ur head checked out if ur putting kids and porn together. FUCKING PEDIFILE!!!!

SHC: David, we Googled your email address and found that it appears you have trolled for three-way hookups with married couples on dungeon-themed message boards (not a joke). We don’t need a lecture on sexual deviance from you.

Melanie: Good morning Frank, As a local Geotechnical Engineering firm, I am interested in making contact with the “decision makers” on the design and development of the Six Flags project. Our company specializes in the services that would be relevant to someone wanting to build on property in an area prone to sink holes.

Do you have a contact you can refer me to? Or would you prefer to make that connection.

Please feel free to contact me via cell or email if you have any questions about our company and our services.

SHC: Megan, Six Flags and the county are working together to build the park using solely prisoner labor, so they’re good.

Lakota: So…. Do you actually get paid to write fiction? Or just do it for the pure joy of misleading ppl? Either way your stories are interesting but not real. The beached whale one was bit you took it from someone else…. Lame.

SHC: We have had no communication with Pennsylvania Power and Light, so we’re not sure where you’re getting these false rumors.

Frank Fencil

Frank Fencil is an award-winning journalist with more than two decades' experience. He has uncovered government corruption, toppled dirty police forces and covered two foreign wars as an international correspondent. He chose to return to his native Spring Hill in hopes of giving his hometown the quality watchdog journalism it deserves.

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